Water is life. Safe water ensures that people can be healthy enough to live, learn, and work to create incomes for themselves and their families. Many are surprised to learn that almost 800 Million people in the world today are living without access to safe water. Through the Grosche Safe Water Project, we are trying to help people have access to safe drinking water, give people education and training on improving their health and well being, and even create jobs and incomes for them by creating work for them through our project. The Grosche Safe Water Project is entirely funded by Grosche and Zweissen (www.zweissen.com) and is a core element in all products that we offer. It is one of the major reasons why we exist- to help change people lives, one liter at a time.


the safe water crisis we face

What is Grosche doing to help?

Biosand Filters

Bio-Sand Filters

Bio-sand water filters are a unique way of filtering and purifying water that contains dangerous bacterias, viruses, and even worms. They use no electricity, last 20 to 30 years and require little to no maintenance. They are savings lives today.

Development vs Relief

Development vs. Relief

See how the GROSCHE Safe Water Project is going beyond- giving short term relief to others, providing education and skills, and helping people establish businesses to earn livelihoods. This is in addition to helping them get safe water for themselves and their communities.

Safe Water for Africa & Asia… AND You can help!

We have established projects running in Africa (South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, etc) and India and are working to start new projects in rural Pakistan. The donated filters go to those who are far too poor to have a tool for filtering water. If you would like to help, here is how.
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Development vs Relief
Our BioSand Filters

Filter Recipients

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The Impact

Thimmanna Hosahalli is a small village in the state of Mysore in South India. It has about 30 families living there with young children in each home. The people of this village would get their water from a river that was contaminated with feces from buffalo and animals that bathe and drink in the river. Fecal Coliform, E-Colli, and other Bacteria cause many serious and often fatal illnesses like Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, etc. So while water is available, the real issue is that it’s heavily contaminated. That is the case in many small communities in the world today.
Most people in this village are animal herders or small farmers. Almost 70% of the residents of this community suffered from waterborne illnesses. The Grosche Safe Water Project provided every resident in this village with their own Bio-Sand water filter for their home and provided them with training and education on sanitation and safe water use. After the project was completed the rate of waterborne illness began to drop immediately, and within the first two months had already dropped by 75%.

Grosche interviews Eric Musee with Go Ye Africa in Yei, South Sudan

Here is a brief interview with Eric Musee, head of Go Ye Africa, during the training for the Grosche Safe Water Project. You can see the students of the Safe Water Project Community health agenda development program learning and practicing their curriculum to bring safe water to the local community in South Sudan in the background. Eric heads up Go Ye Africa, a mission organization that has been working on development projects in various countries in Africa for several years. They helped Grosche set up and organize the Community Health Agent training in Yei, South Sudan in 2014.

If someone is alive, they already have access to water. The issue is, is it safe?

Every day in rural communities and poor urban centers throughout sub-Saharan Africa, hundreds of millions of people suffer from limited access to clean, safe water. Women and girls especially bear the burden of walking miles at a time to gather water from streams and ponds – full of water-borne disease making themselves and their families sick, sometimes seriously. Gathering contaminated water from rivers, boreholes, tube wells, or even city water are a major and persistent issue for millions of people. Our solution through the Grosche Safe Water project helps people and their families gain access to safe water for over two decades. So the coffee or tea that you enjoy in your Grosche French Press or infuser teapot, is going to help improve someone’s health and maybe even save their life. To us, it makes the tea or coffee taste that much better.