French Press & Espresso
The world-famous Madrid french press; class and style meets elegance and functionality. The Madrid is quite simply the best coffee press you will find.

The world's first Eco-French Press with a genuine Schott glass beaker. The highest-quality eco-friendly coffee press you will ever find.


Standing tall with class, the Boston is capable of bringing out flavors you have never before experienced in your tea and coffee.


Our signature look with a new finish- Chrome has never looked better. The Chrome is built for long life with its timeless sheen, dual filters, and stainless steel mechanism.


Exuding strength and precision with its chessboard-cutout, the Casablanca is a sight to behold. The sturdy chrome body protects your brew while our stainless steel parts add a modern touch.


We created this all-glass French press specifically to enhance the visual experience in steeping your gourmet teas or blooming teas and making your bold cup of coffee.


The Oxford brings together a smart appearance with sophisticated elegance. With the same great features of our other presses, it's sure to create a great coffee experience.


With the elegance of clean design, York is a wonderful way to brew your teas or coffees. The clarity in this design makes it perfect for blooming teas as well.


Available in 4 colours, the Zurich is the apex of affordability, comfort, and unique design. Our signature double filtration system and all-glass beaker will truly bring out the best coffee.


Available in 4 colors, the Basel is the pinnacle of affordability and flavor. Basel is also available in a slightly smaller size than our regular presses, making it perfect for personal use.

Café au Lait

The Café au Lait combines a French press and a milk frother into the perfect gift pack. Available in red and black.


The Terra will make you delicious, full-flavoured coffee while also being the world's most Eco-Friendly French press. 


The Grosche Denver has a classic French press look, German SCHOTT glass beaker, and cork base.


Our Avant-Garde French press, the Athens, looks beautiful on your table and makes the tastiest coffee or tea. 

The Findon French press is our answer to a simple but modern taste. The press is perfect for 2-3 cups of coffee per brew.
The Voyager is the future of French presses. This unique design will have your guests talking.
The Grosche Fino is another one of our great French presses with the added bonus of an insulated jacket to keep your coffee warm.
The Grosche Brenton is the perfect French press for those cold days keeping your coffee warm for longer. 
The Grosche Mombasa has a modern French press look, large capacity, German SCHOTT glass beaker, and a cork base.
Madrid 4-in-1
The Madrid 4-IN-1 System is a uniquely designed coffee and tea maker that will brew both hot and cold tea and coffee.

The Milano Stovetop Espresso Moka pot is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of delicious espresso.