Who is Grosche?

A little bit about us:

We are a family owned and operated Canadian business based in Ontario, Canada. We design all water, tea, and coffee related our products with an eye to style and function. We are a wholesale tea accessories distributor shipping our products to wholesale and retail customers in Canada, USA, and globally. 

Our products are sold in the United States and in Canada with fine gourmet retailers, tea stores, tea bars, coffee shops, kitchenware and housewares stores, even in yoga studios and spas. We welcome new retail customers – please contact us with your wholesale inquiry.

We specialize in wholesale tea sets, French Presses, wholesale tea, especially blooming teas, infuser tea mugs, tea cups, tea sets, and double-walled glasses.

Or, if you’re a customer and just want to call to say “hello”, feel free- our phones are open and we would love to hear from you!

How do you define yourself as a company?

We define ourselves as a “Social Enterprise”- which essentially means a business that has an embedded mission to benefit society. It means we work on reducing our footprint as a business, as well as making a significant effort towards having a positive contribution to local and global human quality of life challenges. The Grosche Safe Water project is a prime example of this, by virtue of which we actually fund the creation of at least 5 days of safe water for someone in need for every Grosche and Zweissen branded item sold anywhere in the world. This is not a short-term marketing promotion, but an embedded permanent initiative which is at the heart of our mission – “To be a Source of Joy in the World”.

What do you guys do for the environment?

As of 2012, Grosche International has been carbon neutral for all of its operations footprint. In addition to taking many steps to reduce our footprint, conducting energy audits in our facility, initiating a recycling and composting program for all the tenants in the building that we have our offices in, we have partnered with CarbonFund.org to offset all remaining emissions incidental to our Canadian business Operations through active reforestation projects.

We also weigh and measure the waste produced in our facility on a weekly basis, and have a target to maintain 75% waste diversion away from Landfill on a weekly basis. We do that by reviewing our waste diversion numbers as a team and action planning what we can change and improve. We regularly achieve over 70% and are working to continually improve that further.

What about Energy reduction and packaging reduction?

We have recently completed a major retrofit at our office with ultra-efficient LED lights reducing energy usage here by almost 40%. We have also installed an air exchange system to reduce summer cooling energy load by almost 90%.

We work with our suppliers to have over 50% recycled paper on average in our packaging. We also fully re-use and recycle shipping materials, including reusing our master cartons for shipping purposes, shredding recycled paper as packing filler, and reusing other packaging materials and shipping pallets.

We do our best to use only recyclable materials that are paper based in our packaging. Since some of our products are primarily made of glass, we do need to use Polyfoam packaging to protect the glass items (like infuser teapots) from shipping damage and breakage. We added the polyfoam protection after finding that it reduced shipping breakage by over 90% vs. paperboard packaging. Even though the polyfoam isn’t recyclable, the reduction in breakage ensures that we actually have a lower environmental footprint due to less breakage and also provides higher consumer satisfaction

Anything else for the planet?

We have partnered with Trees For The Future to fund the planting of 5000 Trees in Haiti. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world that has been hugely impacted by deforestation and the subsequent poverty. By reforesting Haiti, the topsoil starts to become rich bringing back the people’s ability to do agriculture and to be able to take care of and feed themselves.

We have also launched the most Eco-Friendly French Press coffee makers in the world, the TERRA and Dresden French Presses. For each one of these sold, we also fund the planting of One Tree for each item, in addition to the Grosche Safe Water Project.

What is the GROSCHE Safe Water Project?

One of the ways that all GROSCHE and Zweissen Products are unique in that they not only serve you your favourite beverage or food item, but they also help people get access to save drinking water via the Grosche and Zweissen Safe water projects. A portion of the sale of each Grosche or Zweissen product funds the Safe water project that creates at least 5 days of safe drinking water for people in need in developing countries around the world. Below are some pictures from our recent filter installations for you.